Domaine Pascal Prunier-Bonheur - Meusault
Saint-Romain Sous le Château Prunier Bonheur
Vin Rouge / Pinot Noir

Sous le Château

the vine

The parcel occupies an area of ​​39 ares facing south-west. The soil is marl-limestone, with clay bands.


Vintage after vintage, this cuvée is marked by its terroir made up of small red fruits enhanced by notes of spices and sap.


Though you can start consuming it from the second year, it can also be aged up to 5 years. Serving temperature: 15 to 16°C.

Food and wine pairings

It goes very well with meats such as pork, lamb and even roast beef.

Note de millésime
Domaine Prunier-Bonheur, Viticulteur à Meursault