Domaine Pascal Prunier-Bonheur - Meusault
Vin Blanc / Chardonnay

Les Clous

La vigne

Les Clous climat extends from Narvaux and Tillets and dominates the village on the upper half of the hillside.


This white wine has an expressive and rich nose, with aromas of white fruits. Marked by a beautiful minerality, the mouth is very structured and combines a nice balance between smoothness and freshness.


Do not refrigerate before serving! Instead try a champagne bucket with water and ice cubes. Serve it at 12°C. Meursault is a terroir for ageing but ideally, consume this wine between 4 and 6 years of age.

Accords mets-vins

Ideal with white meats and fish in cream sauce.

Note de millésime
Domaine Prunier-Bonheur, Viticulteur à Meursault