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Our roots are deep, like the vines

We are winemakers and grape-growers, or as we like to say, “wine-growers,” in our very soul, heart, and spirit. The values ​​of Burgundy drive us and we put all our efforts into making wines that are representative of their terroirs.

Domaine Pascal Prunier-Bonheur
Domaine Prunier-Bonheur

Meursault, Bourgogne

Passion, Respect & Humility

Today, more than ever, the name “wine-grower” takes on its fundamental meaning: it is in the vineyard that the vintage is made.

Meursault - Bourgogne
Cave Meursault
Travail de la vigne en automne

Ours wines

The estate now covers 8 ha made up of plots of diverse sizes in the communes of Saint Romain, Auxey Duresses, Meursault, Monthelie, Pommard and Beaune.

Vin Domaine Prunier Bonheur Meursault
Vin rouge Prunier Bonheur